Virgin Indian Hair (Bulk and Wefts)

Our Virgin hair is handpicked from the lot and bundles are selected based on their quality and texture. Only healthy hair with no coloring or dying agent is processed further and the rest is discarded. The hair bundles are then further separated to straight, wavy and curly. Post Washing & Drying, the hair quality is inspected to make sure all the criteria are met. Out of 100 KG we process we only get 60-75 KG as the best virgin hair. Rest is rejected for various quality reasons. The virgin hair is then nicely packed in separate bundles with a fresh aroma of herbal, Indian Shampoo. Virgin Hair is available in natural textures such as straight, wavy and curly. As Indian hair is naturally wavy be assured of holding your curls nicely.

Remy Blonde Hair

Our Blonde collection is made from Virgin hair only. All during the processing we make sure the cuticles are in same direction and the Weave Goddess is gently turned into blonde. We don’t rush or add chemicals at any stage to haste up the process even for a single gram of extension

Available in natural straight, wavy and curly textures
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